JEDIS was duly incorporated in New Zealand in 1999. JEDIS is a privately owned company based in New Zealand but also carries out business through Asia / Pacific.  

JEDIS undertakes a wide range of professional services and independent software and product development within the Telecommunication Industry.

JEDIS to date has and continues to provide support and professional services to a wide range of Customers within New Zealand and through Asia Pacific Region. JEDIS can offer a wide range of resources with over 20 years of extensive Telephony, IT and Software Development Knowledge. JEDIS has a proven track record in providing Business Solutions for many of its Customers. JEDIS has entered into many engagements where we offer part of a solution or the total solution. JEDIS can work well with a wide range of Vendors and has over the years worked with a number of them such as IBM, Hewlett Packard and Oracle as examples.