NID Discontinuance Notice - 20 August 2010


Manufacture Discontinuance Notice:

The Network Interface Daemon (NID) inclusive of ALL external Plug-ins and related software will no longer be supported from 31 December 2010

JEDIS Limited are currently migrating all NID software into its core LiteX framework and inclusive of menuing, deployment and reporting applications. Various external C/C++ interface based plug-ins will not be ported and removed from all internal JEDIS source trees. The following plug-ins are currently being ported and will be supported:

Telstream C Link 2.1+

PASCOL N Msg (Motorola 3.6)

Arbor (Kenan FX 9.1+)

No other plug-ins are currently in scope to be ported. Customers using the NID with Oracle ASAP or HP EMS are strongly advised to consult their System Integrators for appropriate course of action.

For further information please contact:

Angela McQuinlan