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Technical Overview

LiteX was developed by JEDIS to integrate data sources and processes into a single functional repository, thereby enabling a common client for the maintenance of data and processes. LiteX is market and industry independent.


  • Tool to manage configuration between domains.
  • Visual representation of configuration data.
  • Ability to compare environments / deployments.
  • Deploy only changes.
  • Managing Risk.
  • Multiple environments.



  • User definable schema.
  • Application Domain (e.g. Development, Production Environment).
  • Audit trails inclusive of event and user logging Versioning of Domain and component based data.
  • Database independence at either Domain or component level.



  • Adding and APN.
  • Changing and IMSI Range.
  • Comparison between environments.
  • Deployment – Displaying the actual changes, Rollbacks.



When implementing new products or services into a Telco environment such as new campaigns. Where a Telco demands confidence in the migration of products/services through the various stages of testing and subsequent environments that the end product and services will perform as designed and expected.

To enable consistency of configuration data between environments thereby assuring completeness of product/services testing and migration to production.

With LiteX, the time frame between conceptual ideas and the implementation of new and or modified product to market can be significantly reduced.  Using LiteX with Oracle Communications ASAP Activation Engine allows for instant updating of CSDL and ASDL parameters as opposed to the existing batch processing of these changes. The ability to view existing parameters and cloning these makes the effort of configuration just so much more easier and instant, thereby allowing testing to commence at an earlier stage.



  • User definable Schema definitions rules and inherent rules for accessing applications.
  • Applications Domain Maintenance ( inter and intra) of all or component based data.
  • Audit trails inclusive of event and user logging at verbose diagnostic levels.
  • Versioning of Domain and component based data.
  • Tree view based graphical display of Domain and component base data.
  • Database independence at either Domain or component level.
  • Seamless integration between Applications Domains thereof allowing backward compatibility and ongoing upgrades or the asaid applications.
  • Security at user levels for Applications, Domain and / or components.
  • On-line or Off-line session configuration to Applications, Domain or component; ability to merge stored data at later dates.
  • Multiple on-line sessions with drag-drop implementation across Application Domains or servant component data.
  • Integration with Microsoft Office product suite.
  • Real-time (client) update between concurrent uses accessing Application Domain data.
  • User definable Database and table creation; maintenance therefore , integration with defined Applications.
  • Network and Meta – Data SSH encryption; security usage protecting client sensitive domain and component data.


The following are screen dumps illustrating ASDL Configuration & CSDL to ASDL configuration mapping.


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