J-FORCE® is an acronym for JEDIS - Framework Oriented Remote Communication Environment.  The J-FORCE® product provides a ‘framework’ for a system of distributed interacting processes, such as PASCOL®.

The J-FORCE® framework is designed as a code platform for systems having the following characteristics:

  • Client-server

  • Distributed

  • Multiple communicating processes; multi-threaded inclusive.

  • Multiple system instances

  • Controlled automatic deployment of configuration data between instances

  • Process monitoring and automatic recovery.

  • True 7x24 High Availability leverage with third party Hardware Vendor products.

J-FORCE® is built using the Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA) standard with an ObjectRequest Broker (ORB) abstraction such that a variety of standard compliant ORB products can be implemented. By default J-FORCE is shipped and licensed with a  default ORB - OmniORB™ from ATT Research.

J-FORCE® provides an C++  development framework for applications to be developed leveraging real-time High-Availability without the nuances of rigid application design for implementation or business application  limitations.